Sunday, 4 March 2012

After the lockout

Darren McCann
After the lockout
Set in 1917, soon after Victor Lennon, a veteran of the General Strike lockout (1913), and a Citizen Army participant in the 1916 Rising, is released from Frongoch internment camp in Wales. He is anti-capitalist, anti-clerical and a demagogue. Lennon suspends his class war in Dublin to return to Co Armagh to rescue his father, Pius, from the demon drink, restore the family farm to its pre-eminent economic position in the community, and revive a dormant romance. Treated as a hero by the youth of his native village, Lennon spouts his Communist catchphrases and inevitably clashes with his doctrinaire parish priest, Stanislaus Benedict. Verbal and literal fireworks ensue.

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