Tuesday, 3 April 2012

April Read: Cootehill Reading Group

Susan McKay
Bear in mind these dead

Susan McKay’s book explores the difficult aftermath of the violence for families, friends and communities. By interviewing those who loved the missing and the dead, as well as some who narrowly survived, McKay gives a voice to those who are too often overlooked in the political histories. She has found grief and rage, as well as forgiveness. Some long to forget, others cannot rest until they find out the truth. Some demand a measure of justice. They face formidable odds, for there are those with strong interests in keeping parts of the history of the Troubles in the dark. The devolved government in Northern Ireland is working towards a new future for all the people. This book is a moving and important contribution to that process. Only by confronting the brutality of the past can there be any hope that the dead may finally be laid to rest.

1 comment:

    The book was a harrowing, shocking, difficult book – but in a good way. It was powerful, moving and very insightful. It was really worth the read but some of the readers said they had to skip some parts (as they were distressing). However once they started it, they had to finish it out of respect for the people they were reading about.