Friday, 8 March 2013

This weeks recommended read!

The Terrace by Maria Duffy

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Nestled in the tangled streets of Dublin city lies St Enda's Terrace, a small row of terraced houses. Everybody knows that the residents of St Enda's look out for each other and it isn't long before the little terrace comes to the attention of a New York production company making a fly-on-the-wall documentary about Ireland to be aired on St Patrick's Day. They want to film a real, old-fashioned Dublin community and St Enda's is the perfect location. But then, two days before the camera crews arrive, five of the residents of St Enda's win one million euro in the lotto. Trouble is that nobody can find the ticket ...Almost overnight, a once perfect community is brought to its knees. Secrets are discovered, lies exposed and a sequence of unfortunate events ensures that Enda's will never be the same again. Would you want to risk losing everything that's dear to you to become a millionaire? One thing is for sure - it seems that somebody in Enda's would!

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