Saturday, 20 July 2013

An intriguing debut novel set in 1832 spanning from Donegal to the New American Frontier...

Red Sky in morning by Paul Lynch

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Donegal Spring 1832: Coll Coyle wakes to a blood dawn and a day he does not want to face. The young father stands to lose everything due to the cruel intentions of his landowner's son. Although reluctant, Coll sets out to confront his trouble. And so begins his fall from the rain-soaked, cloud-swirling Eden, and a pursuit across the wild bog lands of Donegal. Behind him is John Faller - a man who has vowed to hunt Coll to the ends of the earth - in a pursuit that will stretch to an epic voyage across the Atlantic, and to greater tragedy in the new American frontier. A mesmerising tale of oppression which explores the merciless side of man and the indifference of nature, it is both a mesmerizing feat of imagination and a landmark piece of fiction.

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