Tuesday, 15 March 2016

March's Read: Bailieborough Library

The Scrap: a true story from the 1916 Rising by Gene Kerrigan

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Charlie Saurin, Frank Henderson, Oscar Traynor and Boss Shields lived on the north side of Dublin in 1916. The Scrap follows them through the week of the Easter Rising - from their F Company base in Fairview, where they fought one of the first skirmishes with the British, and into the centre of Dublin, where they were involved in increasingly bloody fighting. Using highly personal documents from the Bureau of Military History, the story is one of gripping detail, as we follow F Company into the GPO and see icons of Irish history as the rank and file Volunteers saw them. From there to the panic and pain of Moore Street, where the leaders began to consider surrender, and some of the members of F Company faced the ultimate test. Observing the rank and file Volunteers as they faced a turning point in history,  The Scrap is full of the dramatic, funny and contradictory detail of ordinary men and women dealing with extraordinary events.

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